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Jack's Knob Trail

Jack's Knob Trail

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This 4.5-mile trail is accessible from Brasstown Bald parking area at the top of the mountain or at the entrance to the Brasstown Bald Wilderness Area next to GA180.

The trip up to the top from the lower entrance is only half the distance since the trail crosses GA180 before continuing on to where it connects to the Appalachian Trail. The upper trailhead is located directly across the parking area from the Welcome Center Cabin as you enter the parking area. The ideal hike would be to bring two vehicles leaving one at the entrance parking area and begin your journey from the top down.

Jack’s Knob Trail was originally constructed in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and then reconstructed by the Chattahoochee Forest Service in the 1980’s. The trail is rated moderate to strenuous as it follows southward along a ridgeline dividing the boundary between Towns and Union County. The trail continues along the ridge just west of and parallel to the ascending paved roadway to the summit of Brasstown Bald. The trail crosses GA 180 at Jack’s Gap then continues on to the Chattahoochee Gap where it accesses the Appalachian Trail.

Inexperience hikers as well as experienced hikers should never hike alone. It’s highly recommended to bring along a companion, drinking water and some energy bars or other manageable snacks. As a courtesy always pack out what you bring in and leave the least amount of footprint (human impression) as possible allowing others to enjoy the same unique experience as you have.

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